Welcome to the informationsite of the 2013 W.U.S.V. Universal Sieger

Dear friends of the German Shepherd,

From the 14th until the 16th of June, the "Koninklijke Vereniging voor Duitse Herdershonden" (V.V.D.H. vzw) or Royal Association for German Shepherds organises the 3th edition of the W.U.S.V. Universal Sieger in the footballstadium of KFC Diest.
This event has to become the highlight in our 80 years of V.V.D.H. existance, founded in 1933.

Of course, the German Shepherd is commonly known for his workcapacities as service- police-, drug- or trackingdog.

Where once the breeders, showhandlers and trainers were working and competing as separate groups, it is the intention of the W.U.S.V. Universal Sieger to work towards a German Shepherd who can become a worldchampion on the cynologic level as well on the level of working capacities.
We could almost say: The ideal German Shepherd.

We will expect lots of different exhibitors and vendors who will all recommend there goods to the public.

We will of course provide in parkingspace for mobile homes and caravans and there will be plenty of food and beverages available in the stadium or you can go for a snack in the city center, in walking distance of the stadium.

We are convinced that uour support, in an way possible, will contribute to the success of this W.U.S.V. Universal Sieger 2013, organised for the first time in Belgium, in Flanders, in Diest, by the V.V.D.H.

Jef Leirs
General President of the V.V.D.H.